Managing events for sports, hospitality & conferencing

You C Systems have been providing audio & visual, web and social media channel content management and event management services for the sporting, leisure, hospitality and event management community since 2007.

You C Systems can provide you with a range of software tools that will take the stress out of event organisation and running. It may be a Sporting Tournament or a Business Conference that you have to plan and run; we know only too well just how much work and stress can be involved.

This is why You C Systems have developed the Procuro range of software.

The You C Systems Procuro Software provides a comprehensive suite of tools to deliver real time user tailored Event information via Audio, Visual, Web and Mobile Computing channels to tournament and conference competitors, spectators and delegates.

From a single console the event manager is able to control and monitor the tournament or conference as it unfolds. As the events change the Event Manager through the Procuro Master Console can update attached remote viewers and automatically issue public address announcements. Web and Mobile Computing devices (through the addition of Procuro Mobile Tools) are also modified in real time.

Using a distributed approach and using the opportunities afforded through WiFi connectivity Procuro offers a wealth of diverse configurations to suit all of your event and public management needs.