Managing events for sports, hospitality & conferencing

Procuro [Latin, meaning: to take care of, manage]

Refined over many years of intensive use the Procuro Wireless Pro software suite provides tools to aid in the management of large tournament style events for up to 36 locations; be they areas within an arena or rooms within an extended complex.

Included in this package are our following products:-

Procuro Manager

Procuro Manager is the primary tool through which you manage your event. From this single console using our easy to use interface the event manager can react in real time to the changes in your event. Spectators and event delegates can be constantly updated with expected start and finish times for individual elements of your day.

There is no need to manually change any information transmitted on the audio, visual or web channels as the Procuro Manager takes care of the back end work leaving you to oversee events.

Procuro Web

Provided as a separate product the Procuro Web solution transforms the real time data within the Procuro system into HTML for viewing on web browsers. Whatever output format is required this product can be tailored to provide that service. This product also links to your Twitter and Facebook feeds providing another channel for communicating real time information on your event.

(This example screen shot illustrates that the web browsing public see a different view from the Event Manager and the Procuro Viewer screen shot above/below, but the information is the same.)

Integration with the Procuro Manager allows this to be a background service reinforcing the idea that one person can manage an entire event and the public communication channels.

Procuro Designer

Built-in tooling allows you to design your own public display layouts and Arena layouts. Populate your design with information such as event location (areas), first aid points, fire exits, Procuro information, stand locations, scrolling message announcements, time, date and a variety of other useful elements.

This easy to use drag and drop tool allows you to create many layouts for many different events and arenas. Never worry again about how you set up an arena the last time, just reload it!

Procuro Viewer

Designed for large flat screen or projection this is your window to the public. Supporting multiple pages of information in rotating form the software is updated in near real time from the Procuro Manager as event information changes. 

(This example screen shot illustrates that the public see a different view from the Event Manager screen shot above, but the information is the same.)

The audience or members of the public see only what you want them to see. You can use a different layout on the Manager from the Procuro Viewer as it displays only what you have designed in the Procuro Designer.

Procuro Announcer

Linked to actions that you perform on individual events you can announce this via a public address or other audio system through the host computers sound card. Announcements are constructed from parts of speech that you provide (or you can use our pre-recorded English voice) that are played when that action is undertaken.

click here to download an example announcement

For instance, if an event is about to start, you select that event in the Procuro Manager and initiate that action. The event information and the action is sent to the announcer on the same computer or via the network to another instance of Procuro and the Announcer constructs the appropriate announcement. This happens in real time and many announcements can be queued, repeated, paused or deleted. All announcements are logged by the system for re-play should this be required.

Procuro Wizard

To get you started the Wizard guides you through the process of setting up your Procuro or event in step by step manner that should ease you into the more advanced features that can be accessed once you have a rough outline. Also provided are example layouts and demonstrations of the more advanced features available to you.

Procuro Logger

Should something go wrong you can look back over the day and examine if you could improve your running order and splitting of individual events. Network transactions, data corruption and a myriad of other faults can be logged for later correction.

Hardware Support

You C Systems offer a wide variety of inter-operable software products that operate on the Microsoft Windows (XP/7/8) platforms. Our visual and audio technology is compatible with LCD flat and plasma screen televisions, monitors, digital projection systems and public address (PA) systems.

Whilst we don't sell the hardware, we can advise on the right equipment to suit your needs.